Mr Clean cleans up with a 32% sales lift, with Brand Power.



Mr. Clean Magic Eraser faced product misuse, and limited usage occasion application, which drove a lack of product consideration and year over year sales declines in Canada and the U.S.  


Mr. Clean leveraged the powerful, independent third-party voice of Brand Power to educate on multiple rtbs, highlight comparative usage, and overcome usage occasions. The campaign execution encompassed :30 and :15 second TVCs in English, French and Spanish, as well as optimized digital versions for pre-roll.


The Mr. Clean Brand Power execution reversed multi-year over year sales declines in both Canada and the U.S.A. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser saw a 31% sales lift in the Canadian market after an initial 3 month on-air burst, and has continued the upward trend over the last two and a half years with continued Mr. Clean Brand Power TV activity. The U.S.A. Mr. Clean execution saw equally impressive fast, measurable results with a 32% sales lift that has been sustained by several refreshed Mr. Clean Brand Power executions going to air over the last two years.

Jeff Mimery